Oswego Buccaneers


Elmer Ackley was the "Vince Lombardi" of wrestling according to John Allen, a New York State finalist in 1969. Elmer attended Cortland State with wrestling legends like Tom Robertson and Leo Johnson in the mid 1950's. He was a hard working, tough-nosed wrestler who easily made the transition to top-notch wrestling coach and official at Windsor High School in the mid 60s and later at Oswego High School in the 70s.

While at Windsor, Elmer produced serveral Section IV champions including state champion Earl Paugh in 1968 and finalists John Allen and Mike Nablinger. He also coached an undefeated Windsor football team in 1969. While at Oswego, Elmer produced more state champions in Jim Matteson and his son Brian Akley.

"Elmer's first love is his family", says Ted Kerley, Oswego Athletic Director, and "his second is wrestling as shown by his willingness to work for the betterment of wrestling at all levels." Elmer and Shriley, his wife of thirty five years, are proud parents of six children. They also have eleven grandchildren.

Coach Akley's success should not be measured by his many champions, but by the many lives that have been enriched by his association. Elmer Akley was a teacher first. Those who truly know, realize that great coaches are truly great teachers. Elmer was indeed a "Vince Lombardi" of his era.